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Movements Through Time and Space


lIona Sochynsky’s painting career, now entering its fourth decade, presents an oeuvre of visual beauty, intelligence and complexity that is a deeply personal journey of discovery. —Jaroslaw Leshko Prof. Emeritus of Art, Smith College

Drawings, Paintings, Murals 


Custom artwork available by commission.

Creating Visual Impact With New Work


I’ve spent the summer months of 2023 working on a series of gouache and oil studies addressing and trying to fathom the war on Ukraine. Any war for that matter. The inspiration for these works titled “Cry Havoc!” refers to a quote from William Shakespeare’s play Julius Ceaser. I was provoked by its meaning. It is a military order that gives the invading army permission to pillage and rape. These paintings are on view at Artsy by Ellipsis Art.

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