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Abstract Intrigue
Noyes Museum, Oceanville, NJ

Sochynsky paintings 
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"Contained within the borders of Ilona Sochynsky's work are tumultuous abstract configurations of color and form. Her brilliant palette is accentuated by a profusion of shapes and forms that converge and overlap within the confines of the canvas. Undulating across the surface, these forms, lines and shapes create an atmosphere that possess sensuous overtones."

A.M. Weaver
Curator of Collections and Exhibitions
The Noyes Museum of Art

"The syntax of Ms. Sochynsky's art brings together a multiplicity of impulses: we see in it formal aspects of cubism, the dream-like imagery of surrealism, reference to the language of today's commercial world, at times also a reference to the sleek panache of Art deco, the fragment montage-like language of the cinema, and in some recent canvases the looser brushstroke which reflects qualities of the Neo-Expressionism."

Dr. Jaroslaw Leshko
Professor of Art History
Smith College

"Moving away from the dense packed compositions full of bright color juxtaposed with dark, hovering, ominous shapes, Sochynsky is finding a new voice in small whimsical floating objects.... Individual shapes, often ambiguous and imbued with a personal twist, rendering them momentarily reminiscent of recognizable forms. And yet they simultaneously obscure any particular association, as they hover hauntingly reminding of us of the often surreal juxtaposition of images found in her monumental works. But here, she seems to be exploring a personal shorthand."

Christina Saj
REVIEW: Sochynsky's New Artworks, The Ukrainian Weekly, (Dec 21, 2003)
Curator,  Artspace 129, Montclair, NJ




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