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Artist's Statement:  
Reflections and Permutations


Fetish with Net, 2007, oil on canvas, each panel 22" x 22".

Reflection inevitably incorporates intense scrutiny and introspection. The works on exhibit represent an attempt to analyze the ebb and flow of the creative process and to evaluate my creative output in order to explore new directions using new materials.

Over the years, my work has progressed from hyper-realism to abstraction. My early paintings depicted recognizable single images with shiny, industrial surfaces. Soon I began to combine several images onto one surface in a kind of collage. I continued with this process of unraveling and reconstructing till I found myself working with fragments - human or otherwise - creating narrative compositions whose origins were based on collage. In these works abstraction and representation went hand in hand.

I am currently engaged in studying the singular aspect of what is left over after deconstruction. Can some sense be made of a fragment? Can it permutate into something that has meaning for me? I hope the viewer will be sensitive to the personal imagery which emerges.

Ilona Sochynsky




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